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2019 - Net Results Pro
Slots Available: 10

Age Group: Junior, Pro

Edmonton, AB
Program Schedule

(the magic of what is left over once you have planned, trained, executed and delivered on your plan for success)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Smarter and Better Lookingâ„¢ ...ON PURPOSE

The Quantum Speed High Performance Development Model for being a well rounded and successful player, when respected and executed with clear and powerful intent, will generate results for you in training, practice, game, in life and business.


This program consists of a small group of high level skaters at the Junior and Pro level that have, with assistance from our General Manager, Vanessa Hettinger, designed a specific 4 week program that will help them reach their extraordinary goals!

Please email [email protected], to make an appointment to chat with Vanessa pertaining to the following information:

  1. Your availability between April and August.
  2. The level and team.
  3. Your main areas for improvement.  Have you received feedback from coaches or scouts?  If so, please share that information with us.
  4. Your name, phone number and email address.

 This includes the realization of:
  • A richer RESOLVE – being a BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER, SMARTER, AND BETTER LOOKINGâ„¢ PLAYER requires firm determination to do something different, more or less than the average or even above average player
  • A stronger RIGOR – operating with the quality of being extremely thorough and concise with personal choices- Awareness, Willingness, Readiness and CREDIBILITY in all areas
  • A brilliant RESILIENCE - being a PLAYER living and operating with the capacity to recover quickly from any adversity, injury, illness, rejection, professional and personal difficulties while exhibiting INNER TOUGHNESS when it matters most and put in the correction
  • The ability to produce RESULTS - being a TEAM PLAYER who can be counted on and looked to for leadership and  consistency in play on and off the ice and is responsible for consequences, effect or the outcome of something on purpose.