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2020 - XLR8 Junior (Starting August 4) Tentative Dates
Slots Available: 10

Age Group: Junior, Pro

Edmonton, AB
Program Schedule

"Look at that! He's up to full speed in about one and a half strides!" - Sportsnet announcer describing Quantum Speed Grad, Parker Kelly's, playoff speed in April 2019

It's what today's coach, scout, agent, fan wants to see.

XLR8 from a stop, in motion, exiting a turn...you've got the foundation to fly.

Our game is all about speed, explosiveness and the ability to move quickly and deceptively on the ice.

Work on the quickness of your first step, turns and transitions, and gain more acceleration from a stop and while moving.

All Grad Programs include access to The MindShift Webinar .  This MindShift Webinar will walk you through the process of "Purpose Mapping" and will help you get clear on not only your intention for the off-season, but your purpose for sport and competition.  Steffany Hanlen and Richard Monette will walk you through Richard's signature "Purpose Map" - which has been used by hundreds of athletes is sanctioned by "B2ten" - Canada's premiere support network for upcoming Olympic Athletes.

All Grad programs require you to have completed a minimum of 2 Quantum Speed Q3 Spring or Summer programs within the past 3 years.

Speed August 4, 5, 6, 7 - 1:30 - 2:30 pm - Terwillegar (Tentative Dates/Times/Location)